10 Jan 2020

Buffalo Tipi and Xmas Tipi Party: a match made in heaven

The search for the perfect venue for Xmas Tipi Party didn’t have to go far – the answer was right on the doorstep. Buffalo Tipi, hailing from the rural outskirts of Bath, was the ideal fit, offering cosy K├ąta tipis decked with greenery and twinkling lights to host the most unique Christmas party in Bristol.

Scandi simplicity 

Design and nature-focused, “Buffalo Tipi was born from [Simon Richards, Founder]’s love of timeless design and the great outdoors”. The tipis themselves originate from Scandinavia, with neutral-coloured canvas and timber that serve as the backdrop for beautiful decoration and a soaring structure to create an atmospheric space.

For Xmas Tipi Party, Buffalo Tipi had to build tipis on hard ground for the very first time. "We were really excited when we got the call from PURE Co, as it came just as the manufacturers of our tipis had finally approved a solution for building them on hard ground. The previous solutions were all quite agricultural – none had been designed by structural engineers or cleared by European safety standards," Simon explains.  

"In the case of Xmas Tipi Party, we were able to build two of our large tipis and a service tent, all joined together with double oak doors at the front. This allowed for a large reception area with space for a bar and dancing, as well as benched seating around an indoor fire pit." 

A Christmas miracle

"We have built thousands of tipis, practically with our eyes closed, so it was strange heading into this event as the building process was going to be very different. Instead of connecting the tipis to the ground with a few pegs, we bolted them to a metal frame weighed down with over 13 tonnes of concrete," Simon reveals.

"Loading the vehicles with all the usual equipment, but then leaving off pegs and hammers was rather disconcerting. It went remarkably well though and we had the tipis up in good time. When we stood back, they almost looked better than they do on grass. The canvas was extremely tight – and any tipi tentist will tell you that a tipi with no wrinkles is something to be very proud of!"

An enchanting grotto

Festive sprigs, Christmas trees and poinsettias dotted the space, lit with fairy lights and filled with trestle tables and benches to sit down for the feast. These final flourishes completed the most fitting venue for a magical, memorable experience for celebrations at the very first Xmas Tipi Party.



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